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The Problem with Most Camera Systems

Tedious Playback

Man falling asleep trying to playback video from his security cameras

Security cameras have been around for years, and restaurants know that they are needed to help protect their business. However, when it comes to using the systems, few owners or managers spend the time unless a major theft, fight or vandalism occurs. This is because most systems on the market are really little better than VHS. Yes, I said it. These systems may record digitally, but when it comes to playing back the video, unless you know the exact time something happened, then you find yourself fast forwarding through hours of video looking for something that you want to see.

If it takes hours to find the video you want, you will not use your system

Our Solution

Playback that takes SECONDS not hours

Truly protecting your business requires a camera system that is easy to use, so that you will use it often. Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) system started by rethinking the basics of security camera systems, to address the problem that is still prevalent in today’s market. Then we made better use of digital recording, to allow our clients to scan through days of video in a matter of seconds visually.

AVM Restaurant Camera System Playback

This means that you can find an event, person, vehicle or missing object quickly and get to the video you want to see. The core of our AVM system is designed to make this possible, so that you won’t dread “going to the cameras” to get answers. The easier we make access to your video, the more you will use the system and the more benefit you will get out of the system. That is a true win for us.

"I am still amazed at how quickly I can access video, it is like my eyes opened to everything I really didn't know was happening before."

Scan through video footage with a waive of your mouse right in your office, or half-way across the globe. Since our AVM system was built around modern network and internet needs, playback is just as fast remotely as it is sitting in your office.

Added Benefits

Greater access to security camera recorded video gives many more benefitsOnce you can access days of your video in a matter of seconds, this opens the possibilities for uses of cameras in your restaurant or bar that never existed before. This is why our clients see their AVM system not as just a “security system”, but as a “restaurant management system”.

Scanning through days of video in seconds, your security cameras become your second set of eyes, eyes that see everything and unleash endless data that you never even dreamed possible from your restaurants. Our AVM system isn't just another camera system but an entirely new way to work with your restaurant.

Answer the Burning Questions

Q - Is your payroll higher than it should be?
A few minutes to see the flow of clients into your restaurant might show you that you are overstaffed.

Q - Liquor costs up but sales down?
Spend a few minutes scanning through the bar camera to see if employees are sneaking drinks, bottles, or if the problem is a heavy-handed bartender.

Q - Deliveries come up short?
Scanning through the back door camera will tell you if the delivery was complete, something was left out, or if an early-arriving employee might have absconded with some of the goods.

Q - Customer reviews poor?
Quickly scanning through video at troubled times can deliver a great amount of information through body language in customer interactions that can be used to better train staff to deliver the customer service that is needed. With food related complaints you can also see when the food was posted by the kitchen, and when it was picked up for delivery to the table. This can answer questions of which department requires further work.

As you can see, your “security camera” system quickly becomes a management tool instead, once the problems normally associated with video playback are resolved. The possibilities are endless with our AVM system in place at your restaurant or bar.

Test Drive Your New Camera System

We can talk about the benefits, show you graphs, pictures and even videos, but none of this can come close to actually using the system. Let us get you connected into a functional system so that you can see playback, remote access and full system operation to try it out.

Even Better

For qualified restaurant franchises, for a refundable deposit, we will send a recorder out to your facility to connect to your live cameras (analog or HD) as a demo server for 30 days. This way you can test the system out in your native environment and see what we already know -

Our system is the best choice for your restaurant security camera system upgrades.

Your FREE Test Drive Includes

  • Server shipped on-site to connect to your existing cameras (Analog or IP)
  • Remote setup and configuration of recording
  • Detailed walk-through of system features
  • Remote configuration of connection to your cameras from corporate office
  • Free Shipping both directions (in the unlikely event that you send it back)

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