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HD IP Restaurant Cameras

Our HD Security Cameras deliver much higher resolution and picture quality than traditional CCTV Cameras. These cameras range from 5 – 20 times the resolution of older analog style cameras, with a wide range of different beneficial features. When applied correctly to a system design, you will be able to get a clearer view of what is happening at your business at any time day or night. The high definition cameras are like their own computer system, not only capturing the video, but compressing it and sending it over the network to our AVM NVR recorders. This is why, when it comes to HD IP cameras, the quality of the camera is equally as important as the resolution – the camera is providing all of the processing and compression of the video.

HD Restaurant security cameras range from 2.0 MegaPixel 1080P (1920 x 1080) to 4 MegaPixel (2688 x 1520) resolutions, allowing you to cover great amounts of space in your restaurant or bar with fewer cameras than was required with analog cameras. While there is limitation to the clarity of any security camera (not like Hollywood depiction), these cameras go a great deal further, even allowing you to zoom in on video after the fact. These cameras are a much better solution than older style PTZ Cameras (moving analog cameras) because they provide a static view in HD, so that the camera is always catching the area you need coverage. With older PTZ cameras, often the camera would be facing the wrong direction, so it would deliver no video.

Now you can see everything that happens - just as if you were there.

Our HD Camera Benefits
  • See More Clearly
  • Zoom-in After the Fact
  • Use Fewer Cameras
  • Wide Angle Coverage
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 1080P and Beyond
  • Great Clarity
  • Smooth Frame rates

HD Restaurant Cameras

HD Video comes in many shapes and sizes, depending on the type, resolution and quality being employed. The video quality in an HD Camera system is completely determined by the HD IP Camera. These cameras not only capture the video through their embedded image sensor, but also process the video through their chipset. When we select cameras for a restaurant or bar protection, these cameras are carefully selected, as not only the resolution, but framerate, low light capabilities and bit rate are considered to ensure great picture quality and smooth video coverage are needed. Systems that are “out-of-the-box” or poorly designed will disappoint as soon as their limitations are found.

This is the reason that we carefully design each and every security camera system based on building layouts, lighting conditions and our experience of areas that require coverage within and around typical eateries of all different kinds. Allow our years of experience designing systems work for your facility, so that you never have to wonder if you have the coverage and quality you will need to identify problems, prosecute and even prevent problems.

Use Less Cameras - Still See More

Use less cameras to cover the same amount of restaurant

When a restaurant camera system is designed with HD IP cameras, less cameras can be used to cover the same square footage and still provide better recognition of persons within your restaurant/bar. With traditional analog cameras, narrow lenses were used to still provide enough clarity to see peoples’ faces and identify who they were, so adequate coverage of a normal sized restaurant would have taken 32-50 cameras, since each camera covered less width. Few restaurants would invest the required funds, nor would they want that many visible cameras in their facility, as it would look more like a bank.

With newer technology HD IP Cameras, since each camera has the same number of pixels as 10-20 of the analog cameras, you can get the definition you need and use wider angle lenses, which permits each of the cameras to cover more real estate, and deliver still higher quality video to recognize people, watch tables and employees. Some of our cameras even provide up to 120 degree width of view from a single camera. Less cameras mounted throughout your restaurant means that you can still see everything that happens, but with a ‘normal’ looking number of cameras.

Let us design a camera system for your restaurant today, using our latest HD IP Camera technology

Night Vision HD Cameras

Infrared Night Vision = See in the Dark

At night, it is equally as important to be able to see what is happening in and around your restaurant or bar in high definition. We employ HD cameras that have Infrared night vision which enables automatically when light levels drop, so that the camera can even see in complete darkness, IR night vision is always in Black and White. However, our higher end cameras will even enable you to see in color even during lower light levels, which is important for dimly lit restaurants and bars in evening hours. These cameras will allow you to still have the black and white infrared night vision after close when all of the lights are extinguished, but allow you to keep color during operating hours, even when light levels are low.

Infrared IR nightvision allows our cameras to see in complete darkness clearly

This is just another example of how a properly designed security camera system will deliver far better results than pre-packaged systems when it comes to protecting your restaurant. There are no two identical restaurants, so proper design and configuration will assist you in achieving the best results no matter the situation.

Restaurant Security Cameras

Indoor Restaurant Cameras

Indoor bar and restaurant HD Security cameras

The interior of your restaurant is extremely important when it comes to protection and video coverage. In these areas, we employ smaller dome style security cameras, so that it is more difficult to tell where the camera is facing, but also so that they will not be obtrusive in the environment. These cameras blend into their surroundings, providing great quality HD video coverage.

There are many areas to consider when covering the interior of your restaurant, from customer seating areas to cash registers and kitchen. Below are the main areas of concern that we have found common during our years of experience protecting customer’s facilities. Having HD Video coverage in these areas can mean the difference between identifying a person or problem, or just seeing that something happened. This is why all of our custom-tailored restaurant systems include HD IP cameras.

Even though the cameras are positioned indoors, we always use a weatherproof IP67 rated dome camera, this helps prevent condensation, dust or dirt from entering the camera, allowing the camera to work safely even in the often harsh environment found on the ceiling of your kitchen or dishwashing areas. We want you to be just as thrilled with your camera system in 10 years as you are the day it is installed, so ensuring we use only high quality components that are designed to last and provide you with extended service and protection.

Outdoor Restaurant Cameras

Outdoor restaurant security cameras with HD Video

While for most restaurants, security camera protection is mainly about customer flow, monitoring staff, keeping track of food and alcohol, the outdoor areas around your building should also be a consideration. Cameras placed around the parking lot as well as front and back entry doors can help you identify problems, often before they occur. In the foodservice industry, wait staff are often leaving the restaurant late at night with cash tips in their pocket, and have become a prime target for many thieves, as they know there will be cash when they are exiting. Security cameras covering these areas can help deter problems before they happen, and allow employees or managers to watch and ensure employees make it out to their vehicles safely.

Beyond protection of employees though, the exterior cameras, especially covering the front and back door can provide critical coverage of persons entering and exiting, especially with certain types of common thievery that occurs in restaurants. It has become commonplace for dishonest employees to insert food or alcohol into a trash bag, and take it out with the rest of the trash, leaving it in or around the dumpster. They will go back to the dumpster as they are leaving (or after everyone has left) to dig out the alcohol or food. Cameras covering the outdoor areas can help you identify the finale of the theft, as well as see whether this employee also had an accomplice.

When installing cameras outdoors, we always employ IP67 rated weatherproof cameras. The majority of cameras are not rated, or rated IP66. What is the difference? IP66 cameras are rated to prevent water intrusion with a spray of water, while IP67 cameras are actually rated for submersion in water up to 1 meter. While either camera should be “waterproof” enough for outdoor installation, we believe that the latter is a much better choice when it comes to durability of the camera. We believe that when you design a camera system, every component is equally as important, because it all determines your satisfaction level and continued experience.

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