Restaurant Security Cameras - A necessity?

If the register in your store is holding $Thousands at the end of the night, is it necessary to have a safe or empty the drawer? Most likely your answer is yes. Restaurant security cameras provide many valuable and needed functions for your restaurant. Restaurants are one of the first businesses to be affected by gas and raw material price increases. What is also evident, is that restaurants are one of the first hurt by an increase in the cost of living or recession...people just stop going out to eat, and when they do go out, they order less expensive and spend less money. This puts restaurant owners in a difficult position to begin with...but you already know that. Owning a restaurant is not for the feint of heart, clearly. The fact is that there are many additional factors that make it even more difficult to keep the doors of your restaurant open. From dine-and-dash customers to vandalism to less-than-honest employees, the budget of your restaurant can absorb many unexpected hits.

Restaurant security camera systems can help you keep an eye on your restaurant, watch your registers, monitor your customers, watch your kitchen and supplies and more. These security camera systems can let you record exactly what is happening, so that when problems occur you will have a complete and honest recording. There are various types of restaurant security camera systems that can help to secure your restaurant.

Restaurant Standalone DVR Systems

Standalone DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are a great selection for smaller restaurants. These embedded style standalone dvrs provide the ability to digitally record from your cctv security cameras onto an internal hard drive, and even provide basic remote viewing capabilities. These systems are generally chosen for small installations, because they do not require a PC on location, and can still plug into a DSL or Cable broadband internet connection and allow you to watch your cameras remotely over the internet.
Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based Restaurant DVR Systems

For larger restaurants or installations where higher resolution video is required, PC-Based DVR Systems are a great selection.  These systems in general provide higher quality recording, better quality remote viewing and additional access from Windows Mobile PDA Phones and Smartphones. These systems are the clear choice when you want to be connected to your restaurant at all times. PC-Based DVR systems are also more easily expandable for future, as well as upgradable to hybrid DVR Systems that are compatible with newer megapixel IP cameras.
Restaurant PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems

Restaurant Security Cameras

Restaurant Security Cameras are popular to provide coverage of 5 main areas of your restaurant: the customer area, the kitchen, the cash register, the storage rooms and the parking lot area. Each area has specific needs that can affect the type of security camera that is selected. That is why we have broken down each of these areas of the restaurant seperately, to provide better coverage and understanding of your restaurant's specific needs.

Restaurant Customer Area Security Cameras

Restaurant Kitchen Security Cameras

Restaurant Cash Register Security Cameras

Restaurant Parking Security Cameras

Restaurant Security Cameras and Systems

Restaurant security cameras can help to eliminate many possible losses from the balance book of your restaurant. Many restaurants lose money through theft of money, theft of food, vandalism and even fraudulent lawsuits. A quality restaurant security camera system can help you reduce your losses significantly.

Restaurants in particular have several areas of concern when planning out a restaurant security camera system. The following areas are most important to consider for most restaurants: restaurant common customer areas, restaurant kitchen areas, restaurant cash registers and restaurant parking lots.

Check out various Restaurant Security Cameras and DVR systems below:

Restaurant Security Camera Systems

Protect your restaurant from theft with a Standalone DVR Restaurant Security Camera SystemStandalone DVR Restaurant Security Camera Systems

For basic restaurant security camera installations, a standalone dvr security camera system is a great choice. Standalone DVRs provide the ability to record from your cameras onto a vcr-sized digital video recorder, and allow you to watch live cameras on a television on-location or even over the internet using a normal internet explorer web browser. Complete systems are available for restaurant security camera systems as well that include cameras, power supplys and the standalone dvr unit.

Restaurant Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems

PC-Based Restaurant Security Camera DVR Systems and DVR CardsPC-Based Restaurant Security Camera DVR Systems

For the serious restaurant owner, a PC-Based security camera system is generally preferred. These systems provide higher resolution recording and better remote viewing capabilities. These systems include a DVR Card and software that installs into a PC in your restaurant, and will record from all of the cameras simultaneously in high resolution onto the PC's internal hard drive. Other advantages of these systems include the ability to expand easily by adding additional DVR Cards and software, as well as compatibilty to upgrade and work with network IP Cameras to provide further future expansion. PC-Based restaurant security camera systems range from budget-style systems to high resolution systems with infrared night vision.

Restaurant PC-Based DVR Security Camera Systems and DVR Cards

Restaurant Security Cameras

Outdoor Restaurant Security Cameras provide video coverage of your outdoor areas such as parking lots, warehouses, entry doors and more Outdoor Restaurant Security Cameras

Outdoor restaurant security cameras can provide you with constant video coverage of the parking lot of your restaurant. This is helpful to prevent and prosecute vandalism, as well as get more information such as vehicle type on any individuals who have perpetrated a theft of food or money inside your restaurant. Outdoor cameras should not be overlooked when planning a proper restaurant security camera system.

Outdoor Restaurant Security Cameras

Indoor Dome Restaurant Security CamerasIndoor Dome Restaurant Security Cameras

The indoor areas of your restaurant are usually the most important for coverage with your business security camera system. These cameras provide you with a video record of everything that occurs inside your restaurant.  This can help you track money as it travels from the table to the register, monitor employees, watch customers as they enter or leave the restaurant and more. These indoor restaurant security cameras will provide a great selection for even lower budget restaurant security camera installations.

Indoor Dome Restaurant Security Cameras

Restaurant Infrared IR Night Vision Indoor and Outdoor Security CamerasInfrared (IR) Restaurant Security Cameras

Infrared IR security cameras are a great selection for lower-light indoor and outdoor areas around your restaurant.  These cameras can view in color when there is sufficient lighting, but will switch to a black and white mode at night and will turn on Infrared LEDs that emit an invisible infrared light, so that the camera can see even in pitch-black conditions.  These cameras are highly recommended for areas where lights are shut off at night, as well as lower light bars and restaurants.

Infrared IR Restaurant Security Cameras

Hidden Covert Restaurant Surveillance CamerasHidden Covert Restaurant Security Cameras

Sometimes you need to monitor sensitive areas of your restaurant without employees knowing. These covert/hidden restaurant security cameras provide great video coverage through tiny pinhole lenses. These cameras look like normal everyday items like alarm system motion detectors or building fire sprinklers.

Covert Restaurant Indoor Security Cameras

Restaurant PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Security Cameras and SystemsPTZ Restaurant Security Cameras

For higher end restaurant security camera installations, these PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) style cameras are highly recommended. These cameras can be remotely controlled to pan (back and forth), tilt (move up and down) and zoom in on objects inside or outside of your business. When combined with a PC-Based DVR System, these cameras can even allow you to control the movement of your camera over the internet from a PC, Laptop, PDA phone or even Windows Mobile Smartphone. These cameras are found in many different varieties to suit most business surveillance camera installations.

PTZ Security Cameras for Restaurants