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Restaurant Security Cameras

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Reduce Losses

Protect Your Restaurant from Theft

Restaurant security camera systems can help to prevent many of the losses that are commonly associated with the operation of restaurants. No matter what type of bar or restaurant you run, losses due to theft, vandalism and even fraudulent lawsuits can have a great effect on your business, and drain much needed cash from your coffers. Our restaurant security camera systems are designed with your business in mind, to help provide you with eyes and ears on your business at any time of the day or night, and video evidence that can help you not only make better staffing decisions, but also make better business decisions based on data collected.

There are many security camera systems on the market, but few deliver on their promises, which is why our systems are fully designed to suit your needs and budget, while still delivering far greater features than others, so that you will truly use the systems to your advantage. We have worked with countless restaurants in the past 14 years to help ensure that they were protected, and the knowledge gained from each and every customer we have has helped us to custom-tune our systems to meet the changing environment.

Each camera system is designed specifically around your needs and requirements.

Security Cameras Help Stop
  • Theft of Product
  • Fraudulent Lawsuits
  • Vandalism
  • Over-Pouring at the Bar
  • Customer Disputes

...Our System ADDs Value
  • Make Better Staffing Decisions
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Save Time Reviewing Video
  • Identify "Discounts" Given
  • Manage Your Restaurant/Bar Better
  • Improved Remote Access
  • Monitor Food Preparation Quality

HD Restaurant Security Cameras

Whether you are installing a brand new camera system, or upgrading your aging technology, our HD IP security cameras for restaurants and bars are a great choice. These security cameras deliver high definition quality video, so that you can see more of what happens with fewer cameras. These cameras are easier to connect, reduce cabling costs, and provide higher quality than even other HD offerings, making them the clear selection.

Our HD IP Cameras range from 2.0 MegaPixel (1080P) up to 4 MegaPixel and beyond, each providing even higher quality and clarity. These cameras can record back to a PC running our AVM NVR software, or record onto one of our innovative MicroNVRs in your restaurant.

Restaurant Camera System Design

Helping design camera systems for restaurants

The proper design of the camera system for your restaurant or bar is crucial, it will determine the overall usefulness of the system. Consideration should be given to all of the important areas, to ensure that you will have the video when you need it. When employing a user-friendly system like our AVM, the uses for the video go well beyond simple theft and vandalism. Due to the fact that the video is so easy to scan through on playback, you are able to use the video footage to better manage every aspect of your business, from monitoring customer flow to adapt your staffing, to identifying behavioral patterns to catch employees before theft begins.

Even if your system is planned for one specific purpose, please take these other areas into consideration as they may help provide additional value to you in the future.

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Areas To Cover With Security Cameras

Easiest Video Playback

Playback that takes SECONDS not hours

Having video footage is one thing, but most restaurants don't use their video to the full potential, because the camera system they have is not easy to use. It can take hours or even days to find the video you are looking for, which means that you will only use it when something major happens at the restaurant or bar.

AVM Restaurant Camera System Playback

Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform allows you instantaneous access to your video, allowing you to quickly see everything that happened in the restaurant or bar area during any day or week. This feature alone save you hours, weeks or months of time over the life of your system, and makes the system a more useful management tool for your business.

"With fast video access, my camera system became a useful tool to improve every aspect of my business, from staffing to customer service...but it was nice to be able to catch a couple of thieves too."

Scan through video footage with a waive of your mouse right in your office, or half-way across the globe. Since our AVM system was built around modern network and internet needs, playback is just as fast remotely as it is sitting in your office.

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Complete Remote Access

Watch Your Restaurant From Anywhere

Viewing Restaurant Security Cameras remotely

There are many systems that now tout iPhone and Android access. But the question is, what does that mean? Are all systems that are internet-accessible delivering the same features? NO.

While any system will say that they are internet accessible as long as video can be viewed on these devices, the quality of the video you see and the features that are accessible from your iPhone, Android or other device can be vastly different. Most systems will either send you a very low resolution video stream to your phone, so you can barely tell what is going on, or they will try to push the high resolution stream, allowing you to see everything, but delivering very low framerate.

Our AVM systems go well beyond the norm, as we helped pioneer access to security cameras from cell phones, our customers have been watching their security cameras on their cell phones since the days of the flip phone. This means we have been able to develop new features and technology to ensure the best user experience in remote access. Our AVM system allows you to control the quality and framerate of your video stream, so that you can adjust to compensate for your internet connection speed.

Our Restaurant and Bar camera systems are as easy to view from your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablet, Windows PC, MAC, Windows Phone or much more. As new devices are released, we continue developing new software to ensure that no matter what your next phone upgrade brings, you will always be able to connect to your video.

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As You Expand - So Does Our Camera System

Security Camera System that Grows with your Restaurant

It can be very difficult to maintain quality control as you expand your restaurant to additional locations. Your watchful eye can be spread thin, and while most security camera systems will allow remote access, you won't be watching everything during every moment. Our AVM recorders help you continue to grow, and maintain the clear standards of food preparation and customer service that you delivered at your flagship location.

When developing our system, we kept in mind that you may expand to additional locations in the future. That is why all of our AVM solutions have enterprise-grade remote access, allowing you to incorporate entire chains of restaurants together so that you can view cameras from all locations at once, so that you can properly monitor and manage all of your locations. This makes us more "Franchise Friendly" than other options

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